Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Better Late Than Never...

Once promised to upload the pictures in previous entry, Busy... about Sehari Bersama BPR. Delayed by me having fever for almost 2 weeks now. Even yesterday I still had a headache, the most painful one I think. Never had headache like that before. Plus my body strangely felt hot & cold. Maybe I'm not totally recovered. Or maybe I had a lot of things rolling in my mind. Maybe.. So, these are for the sharings.

Discussion before the rehearsal
While singing Doa Buat Kekasih, together with SEJAK

Being interviewed by the emcees after performing; me with my duet partner, Rock [not his real name of course hehe]

Relieved after performing. Peace! ;)

'Lepak'ing session waiting for turns; SEJAK's cover album?? Duuhhh..

At night, Aidilfitri theme hehe lots & lots of foods. Not to forget biskut raya hehe.. Owh only the VIP sit at the table

Haha.. SEJAK with baju melayu. Quite handsome though :D
Me begin to sing from one of the props before being escorted to the stage during Suasana Hari Raya song hehe

Don't wanna miss the chance to be in the picture although I am on the performance

Smiling faces!

That's all folks! ;D

6 komen:

Penanam Sayur said...

Ingatkan Bumi Putra Rockers ...

:: !zyan :: said...

wah...masih aktif nyanyi rupenyer kwn aku sorg ni.

- just me - said...

Penanam sayur, bukan Bumi Putra Rockers tp Badan Pencegah Rasuah daa hehe sorry to dissappoint u :D

- just me - said...

!zyan, xde laa aktif mane pun.. Kdg2 je :)

pataniah said...

hei ija..k'ana pun mmg dah lama sgt cari ija..hehe.wah masih menyanyi lg rupanya.k'ana dah lama pencen sejak lps skolah, malas + xde geng

- just me - said...

kak ana, ija pun mula2 xde geng gak.. tp klu dah bdarah seni, ke situ jelah peginye. dr join koir terus melarat2 ke lain hehe kak ana dah x bersajak ye..