Saturday, October 8, 2005

What Is True Love...?

Is it the beautiful rose
given for no reason at all
Is it the gentle kiss
placed upon your lips so tenderly
Is it the warm hug
arms wrapped around you so gently
Is it the words I love you spoken
by a special person in your life
Is it the act of kindness
as doors are opened for you
Is it cuddling on the sofa
candlelight glowing around you
Is it the soft music on the radio
holding each other close in a slow dance
Is it the hours of endless sharing
of every moment in life
Yes-these are all true love
but most importantly of all loving
yourself the way you are
others loving like you should be loved
Love isn't words, acts, or deeds
love is inside yourself
when you find love within yourself
then others will see it in you
Don't waste time looking for love
in the people around you
find it inside yourself then that
someone will find you

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